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(Slightly expanded version of a documentation e-mail sent just now.)

I had started to wander out of my little office to ask Pink Shirt Guy's counterpart if there was anything else for me to do, when a random sketchy-looking individual appeared at the door of the training rooms and began looking inside with the same look on her face as the look on the face of a hen who is trying to calculate the leaping distance necessary to fly up on the table. I asked if I could help her with anything. She asked me if there was a way onto the roof.

When I said no, she asked me if the building had an attic. I told her no. She asked me if I was sure. I assured her that I was sure. I exited the training rooms and closed the locking door behind me. She looked disappointed and went back in the interviewing area.

I asked the Princess if the building had a way onto the roof, and/or an attic. She thought not, and identified the interviewer for me. Pink Shirt Guy's counterpart joined the conversation at this point, and mentioned that there is maintenance access to the roof, and a crawl space in the drop ceiling, but no attic. In any case, interviewers are not permitted access to the roof or crawl space.

I advised Homie G. of the encounter, as he is the shift lead for the night.

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