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New moonlighting (very part time: 8 hours on Saturday, then call other times if I'm feeling up to it) job involves listing books on Amazon.

Job entails taking book info, running it through Amazon to see if there's already a book info page there, and if there isn't, creating one, then using the Amazon ID in the listing-generator-client webpage, filling in details, making judgment calls, and posting it. Periodically, shelving must happen.

Good things:
Listening to music while working seems eminently do-able.
Boss is a total sci-fi fan, and there is a working shelf of the penny sci-fi books that people are reading. GLEE. She's trying to rebuild her Heinlein collection.
Did I mention the books thing?
Random book trivia!
Setting own hours sorts of thing.

Bad things:
Boss smokes like a chimney. (But has air purificator things, so lots of the smoke gets slurped out and doesn't make it out of her office.)
Boss's nephew is someone I prefer not to share a universe with. (Fortunately, I have convinced myself that he is AU, and all continues to be well.)

Things that are things:
Small dog that chews paper, but that has been trained to only take paper out of the trash.

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