Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Night notes, posted in the morning.

Contextual pop-ups have made it easy for me to leave first longhair and then fragmentedminds. Both of them were wearing on me. I think, unfortunately, that unless bipolypagangeek suddenly obtains a far better content-to-introduction ratio, I'll be making a departure from there as well. The fun of being bi, poly, pagan, and geek is far less fun when there's no actual geeking about stuff -- why know all these fun people when I do not so much with them?

I could probably cure part of that lack-of-content by generating some content myself for there, but not now -- tired, unmotivated, reading back entries and doing end-year catchup stuff.

I'm so very glad they got me off the floor, not supervising, and doing paperwork. I was the actual supervisor for a while on things, and I really did poorly with it (even though I tried very hard and did a decent job by anyone else's standards) and didn't' like it at all.

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