Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Work this morning has the potential to become insane.

Doing things out of order this morning. I expect to
pay for it in massive confusion and suchlike.

Oh yes. Complete confusion, and a gentle little
smackdown for LLG, who managed to confuse "a COPY on
my desk" for "give the originals to me instead of the
office they actually go to". But since I don't
actually know who did that, I get to send the
"clarification" to all the teams, with a cc: to
the office it should have gone to. (If you're going to
be a bitch, at least you can be a polite one. Good
gods, I had better not turn into Dotty Dolly.)

I'm being held up on my paperwork by something that
isn't my responsibility. That makes me feel
self-assured and human.

Aha! The Princess is done with the spreadsheet! Score!

Hoo boy. I get to do Management's Neighbor's Expense
Reports! Sampling will teach me how it's done. There's
this big-ass stack of receipts, evidently, just
waiting there with my name on them.
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