Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Sort of like a morning page, except it's not totally private.

Waiting for a query to run. Had to reboot the machine
to make sure that the temp file had enough room in it;
it said that there was not enough room in the damn
temp file the first time.

Taking notes to drown out the sound of the class. I do
have the battery for the little thingy.

Oi, I needed to specify, otherwise things
would be too big.

And I need to run the logtime query to pull things out
of $NEW_SYSTEM first. This thing is huge and awkward
and scary, and that scares me to no end, because I am
expected to keep track of it all.

And gods, I hope the temp file is big enough for this,
because I have my music on the external player here.
The little Zen that Heather left with me.

I'm deliberately not doing things that are intensive
with the temp files here, because that would be a Bad

Or something. Yeah.

Maybe I have to go through and clean things. Or
something. OMG hyper, except this is because of tea
and chocolate and stuff. I think I may have the bean
soup for an early supper over rice and then have salad
at iHop, or else skip the lunch meal because I will
have worked my way through quite a few random little

And V needs the thing with the thing, with the old HD
from her old lappy Gemini, in an enclosure. So if I
get off early, it would be smart to go get an
enclosure. Or go home and get a nap. And some random
guy is coming in late. Silly boys.

Holy fuck it is taking long, but I am to hope that
this means it is just sorting through a lot of crud.
And I know that it's got to be sorting through a lot
of crud.

And the web geek says that he will be archiving stuff
off the monitoring system, and that is for the win
because it's starting to get bogged down.

And he filtered our jobs by inactive/active, bless
him! He didn't expect to rack up so many, but GLEE he
made the thing work!

The Zen has a leash.

Randombabbling. I like randombabbling. Randombabbling
is fun. I like doing it. I'm pretty much doing morning
pages while my mind tries to empty out while I'm
waiting for this query to run. I have no idea if this
is actually working, but it worked last time, and last
time was good, so yay. This is the version for
Management rather than the version for the phone
goons, so win. Though I will have to sort through the

And supervisors are forgetful, but that happens
because supervisors are forgetful like that. There are
all sorts of useful memos, and then they just go
disappeary. I made one of the ones that was totally
all useful, so that makes me feel good! I generate
useful content in my spare time, because I have a
brain that keeps spinning and will not shut up.

Shutting up is not a thing that my brain does well. I
never really got in the habit of telling it to, and
I'm glad. I think a lot of people who would otherwise
be really smart told their brains to shut up when
their brains being on got them in trouble, so they got
out of the habit of thinking when they were really
small. This is versus the people who just don't have
the brains to think with really well, and they're
overclocking themselves just to work on a normal level
with the rest of the people around them. And that's
sad for them. But I do not have particularly kind
thoughts for people who are using up their spare clock
cycles on being actively stupid, or using their spare
clock cycles on actively trying to hide the fact that
they have spare clock cycles and/or a functional brain
in the first place.

And holy fuck what is wrong with this query? Maybe I
will go and do something temp-file-intensive with some
other app so it chokes and dies. Or just use the thing
that interrupts; I'm fairly sure that I remember that
thing. What's that, break? I think. I'm babbling, but
that's what this file is for, babbling. I like
babbling, and this is where the brain loops back into
what the babbling is useful for: namely, getting the
things that are at the top of the brain out of it so
they won't be using up space in active processing. Try
that instead of trying to bury what you're worried
about: write about it to get it out of your head and
then burn it if you have to. Lie if you can't get it
actually written in a way that is true, but just get
it written down to get it out of your head. I don't
like lying on paper, so I don't do that unless I
absolutely would break by being honest about
something, even if it's only to myself and the rest of
the world hears whatever I've obfuscated. Sometimes
that makes me not want to write to myself, if I'm
trying to fool myself about something and don't want
to talk about it.

zomg huge fucking query. And it's an update query too.

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