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Porn leads to plot.

Mike is nuts. M asked when I was reading if what I was reading was related to Hell's Angel. I said no, but that they were in the same universe because they shared the Neutral Denny's.

Then at dinner we were talking about random stuff, and the idea of pr0n on the internet came up. And that led to Mike finding pr0n on the internet. And that led to Mike asking Connie if they could try some of the stuff that he'd found in some pr0n on the internet. And that really demanded, what did he find on the internet? He was really reticent about sharing what specific *things*, but he did disclose *what* he'd found... fanfic. But what fanfic? Dragonlance, of course. Raistlin/Crysania. Mike is a soppy mushball when it comes to pr0n. Totally. So he and Connie were making enthusiastic plans to have lots and lots of sex, and I'm looking at them and wanting to know: "Um, guys? When in the plot are you doing this?"

And that's when the demon spoke up, and said "Oh, by the way, Bozo was a pawn; wasn't he cute? My cunning plan is ongoing." And that's when I realized that it seems to be a three-parter: one with Mike/Connie vs. Bozo, one with Nick-and-Mary, and then possibly what happens when Mike and Connie realize that they're intersecting with Nick and Mary. I think that one may be Raven and Amber's book, and then Raven and Amber have the prequel too.


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