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Dentist report for today: well, now I have a plan of action and a schedule!

I got up a bit late, and zoomed out a bit late, but I got there in reasonable time. I was reading Paladin of Souls again.

My mouth is smaller than I remembered. I had full X-rays done on assorted parts of my mouth, and the holder for the x-ray film was hard and poked me in certain positions. I was told to relax a few times, because I was trembling with the attempt to not react to the pain, and the fear of it.

They wanted to know how my extraction was healing up. The dentist looked in my mouth and did a double-take, as evidently I healed very fast and very well. He was sort of doubting that there'd been an extraction there until he looked at the gum from another angle and saw the pit where the tooth had come out of. I only had to use two of the scary pain pills!

One of my wisdom teeth has rotated 90°. WTF? Evidently this is reasonably common; he saw someone who had one rotate 180° just a little while previous.

I was able to point out about 90% of the trouble spots in my mouth. My gums are surprisingly healthy. My mouth is really too small for my wisdom teeth, and it's very difficult for me to brush them properly, given that the rest of my teeth are shiny-clean and the wisdom teeth accumulate not-brushed-so-well. I got an estimate on the total cost of the repair, and I'll be sharing that with the parents. Probably the easiest way to do that would be to break out the scanner and share.

The cavity on the front tooth is priority #1. The dread thing lurking between those two teeth is next. After that, little cavities and extraction of other wisdom teeth. The grungy wisdom tooth is on the upper right. The one with eldritch horrors lurking within is on the lower left. (It's the same size as the cavity that was on the removed one, evidently.)

I told him about the bad experience with the last dentist. This, after he wasn't sure if there was cavity under a pre-existing filling or not. I told him the horror story. He poked, and determined that the cap had come out, but the filling was still in there. But now he knows that his suspicions have a better chance of being correct.

I'm really liking this dentist's office.

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