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More characters = more sanity.

"Visions of Paradise" is totally a Mike song. (For
those coming to this insanity recently, Mike is the
male lead in this past NaNo's wackiness.) Mick Jagger
is not such a Mike singer, but that song caught his
attention one day, even though he might not admit to
Connie that he likes it.

Having Mike and Connie to play with, so that I can
attach random insights and similar silliness to them,
is actually doing wonders for my sanity. It keeps me
from attaching too much time and attention to
"what-if", lightening a whole bunch of random angst
from my daily musings. I can't keep from making random
insights about stuff. I connect things. I draw
temporary conclusions based on past behavior,
character analysis, and gods know what-all.

If I can attach it as a certainty to a character,
instead of a "might-be" to a person -- my sanity likes
that a lot.

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