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CHOCOLATE.,,2-2007000420,00.html -- inventive addressing gets the postcard there. It's one of those coincidences that's a little too well-done & well-aimed to be real coincidence, and they always give me shivers and goosebumps when I see them.
(will be excellent references until I do it enough to memorize.)

mydarkestsecret, a sponsored community. Bit of backstory here: Movie company came to LJ, and said, "Hi! We want a sponsored community to plug our movie."
LJ: "Great! What do you want to do with it?"
Movie Company: "Er ... um ... well, we were thinking something involving the fans. Or something. So have at it."
LJ: "... You mean you want us to decide what to do with your sponsored community?"
Movie Company: "That would be just super!"
LJ: "We need someone who knows fandom."
LJ's Resident Fan Expert: "They want me to do *what*? ... Ooo, whee!" *slightly-not-so-sane cackling* *reads the book like a fiend* "OK, we're going to need a little *help*." *cracks knuckles*

So the upshot of it is, two of my favorite fan writers (they're both in my top ten) are RPing as vivian, one for the entries and the other for the IC-comments. I'd say that this has the potential to be like the Very Secret Diaries on crack, except I trust those two to not go all VSD-format. But. Whee, fan-service!

If you happen to recognize the fan writers in question by their fruits, they'd really appreciate you not going up to them in the RP and going "OH HAY GUISE" -- just send feedback. :D


hcolleen: "Silly woman."
Me (singing): "Silly woman, on the internet / Silly woman, one that I just met..."
hcolleen: "STOP!!"

Fic bookmarks: -- chapter OMG in a Cedric-didn't-die AU. So. Much. Crack. I have biichan to thank for recommending this to me.

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