Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

From work today:

I am totally digging "Paint Your Picture", Showaddywaddy.

Pink Shirt Guy: "What's the relationship of kilobytes to a megabyte?"
Me: "Megabyte is bigger."
Pink Shirt Guy: "Is it a hundred kilobytes to a megabyte, or a thousand?"
Me: "A thousand. ... A geek thousand, 1024."
Pink Shirt Guy: "A geek thousand? Like a baker's dozen?"

Vaporware: "Penny for your thoughts" paid blogging site.

Hyperactivity is setting in. Grandma Cinderella brought one of her grandkids in while she had a meeting. Snarky Lady started babysitting. Well, she started me babysitting, but since I'm kind of withdrawn with kids, she took over and they were playing Pinball together. (There's an exploit on the training room computers that allows game-playing.)

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