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Database woe has returned. At least now I have reasonable proof that it's something random with Access, and not me going suddenly insane. ARGH, though.


Now I will not get reamed out by Management, even though my product is shameful.

(where by "shameful", I mean of course "not of totally professional quality", because I should be a Trained Professional, yet this is the work of a student.) (I think some of the Japanese guilt is rubbing off on me.)

Oh, and if no one else already suggested it, the cliche is of course "Werewolves of London". Bonus points for Oingo Boingo subject line, dear.

I woke up before the alarm clock, and had a lovely 45 minutes lazing about in bed before it finally did shriek at me. hcolleen can testify that I abuse the snooze button on a regular basis.

Turbo has explained the reason why Windows Defender is giving me errors on start-up: MS in their infinite wisdom came out with a new version and expired the old one, making things just plain not work. He went into the typical end-user reaction: "WOE IS ME I HAS A VIRUS!!1!" (I'd sent him an e-mail regarding the little message, telling him that my computer was
giving me "a party favor", with a screenshot of the error box and the basic troubleshooting steps I'd gone through before poking him. He prefers private e-mail to an automatic trouble ticket.)

Ooo, looks like one of the new versions of a survey might be slightly on crack! I shall have to ask questions about this.

(I have now had coffee. Fear. I'm waiting on the Princess to get some paperwork processed, and exploring things that I'm curious about, because that's the way to solve problems and get in rouble.)

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