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Went to dentist. Got the root canal all rooted. I was trembling and jumpy. Things got better. It was not so bad. He offered that he could do the filling then if I had the time -- he had some other patients but depending on what happened with them, he might have time to fill me properly (laying the foundation for the crown). There had been two small kids in the waiting room when I came in. Evidently at least one of them was not being cooperative. I don't know how much dental work she needed. Tay-Tay and I never needed more than cleaning when we were tiny, up through teenagerhood.

It feels weird to have a huge hole in the back of your tooth. The temporary filling is so, so gone! I am happy.

Before they started the filling part, I let them know that my gums were starting to wake up. That happens -- the gums start to wake up before the whole thing's through, making the ending bits very uncomfortable if there's any monkey business going on in the general area. So I got another couple shots of numb-juice in my poor gums. My gums are not going to be happy with me until this is finished.

The filling's in, and I have a smile again now! I'm so very vain about that. I don't have ugly temporary filling in my front teeth. I wasn't talking about it too much before, but oh, it was bothering me, and now I have other things to worry about!

I can't chew on the tooth, not really, not for the reason of lack of strength, but because it doesn't meet up. Crown goes on in two weeks. I have a smile again. It's a little crooked, but it's my smile.

The lower part of my sinuses felt all numb. That was really weird. I don't think I like that. I liked the dull ache when the anaesthetic wore off even less than that; I was happy when it graduated into a painless throbbing. Eventually that went away too. Now my gums are just a bit tender, as you'd expect from them having needles stuck into them and other things rammed around in their vicinity.

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