Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Cumulative interviews and other sources of gut-wrenching worry

It's spiritually good for me to not be sure how something is going to work out, right? It's a good thing when I care enough to feel the fear that clenches my belly and shortens my breath?


Trying to keep my mind on task at work, but when I'm afraid I go all scattered in self-defense. Either that or I want to hyperfocus, except that I want to hyperfocus on the thing that's making me freak out, which is not conducive to getting my work done.

I pulled up this window to laugh at MS's spell-checker and auto-fixer. In the office, we use a shorthand jargon. 'Cumulative' gets shortened to 'cumm' all around. (I add the extra 'm' to make sure the vowel is long, as it's pronounced, and to distinguish the spelling from other words.) 'Interviews' gets shortened to 'ints'.

So, when I wrote "cumm ints" in an e-mail this morning, MS did a quick letter-shuffle, and hopefully underlined it in blue, was that what I meant?

No, MS spell-checker. I did not mean to e-mail Homie Jr. about cum mints.

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