Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Sanity go bye-bye.

I am sure that the Lackey books about the bardling with a flute are *not* Jethro Tull RPS. *snerk*

I'm drinking coffee again today. trystan_laryssa called to ask if I'd be able to hang out tonight. Hmm.

I probably need an intermediate-to-advanced Excel class too, because I do things with that.

Traveling Management just learned that I was at least familiar with the whole concept of a database, and wants to meet with me sometime when I'm free to get her thoughts organized on the idea of a database that will help her organize stuff on keywords. I can see that getting a reputation as someone who at least has introductory-level IT skills is going to make me popular.

OMFG HEADACHE. And it's a conceptual headache, which makes it worse. I feel like telling them that I'm going to go on my lunch break, walking over to the grocery store, and coming back with Mountain Dew, pretzels, mustard, carrots, and a nice sandwich. This is not going to be a trivial problem. It's going to be a trivial problem once I get it all set down and isolated into its component things, but it's not a trivial problem to isolate it. Forest, trees, lunatic, mimes, and a runaway blender.

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