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This is the last serving of the atomic chicken. That was not a good idea. But it was still edible, so I ate it all gone. (Well, I'm still working on this last serving here, but you get the idea.) I'm with Miller, asking "What is this material?" (In other news, I want to go home.)

Just going through the old paperwork and looking for the actual production is biting like a thing that bites a lot. The doing things after that will not quite bite so much. This part bites. At least I have my lunch and I am poking at it. I have my music. It's sort of bad when atomic chicken is a nice break from stuff.

All the old production is entered. My brain is happier now. Switching from analysis-mode into deadly dull data-entry is a bit of a crash, especially when done on low fuel.

OMG, I want out of here because it is Weekend, but I need to stay until this is Finished. Management mercifully cut it down into a smaller segment.

You know that toddler toy that looks like a gerbil ball with holes in shapes on the sides of it? You stuff blocks in through the holes so you can learn your shapes in a purely kinesthetic way. Getting stuff out of a database in the exact way you want it sometimes feels like shaking one of those until the shape you want falls out the hole it came in.

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