Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Rainbow Warrior

I do not like you, Mr. Silver Sunglasses. You are one of those mainstream-attractive-trendy boys who goes around with a look of perpetual disdain and mild hostility on his face. Once upon a time, I heard that boys were supposed to go around looking slightly pissed-off at all times to make them look more attractive. It's a nasty habit and you should stop it, because it's not actually attractive on anyone but fictional characters.

So, Mr. Silver Sunglasses, when I walk up to someone in your area and hand him a folded 3x5 notecard, saying "I want one!" in the sort of tone of voice that says you're acting like a whiny five-year-old because you think it's cute, it's actually not cute. If you think whining like a spoiled toddler is cute, you can go and fuck off over in a direction that is away from me.

In addition to all that... what do you think was on that card, exactly?

There was a little smiley-face. There was a shiny rainbow. There was a message written in black ink, to the effect of: "If you have any workplace concerns or issues that you'd prefer to discuss with someone in the community, I am available. I'm generally in the training room from 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday.

My name was underlined first in pink high-lighter, and then again in blue high-lighter, with a slight overlap of the two transparent colors.

If you are part of the community that I mention, Mr. Silver Sunglasses, I suppose I could probably listen to any of the concerns or issues you have. But I honestly doubt you would know how to interpret that color code.

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