Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Why must Amazon take so infernally long to process my submission?

E. Phillips Oppenheim. Again. Oh! He shared a publisher with L.M. Montgomery? Rainbow Valley is listed in the back with the "other books that we do" thing. *giggle* I feel a sudden warm kinship to this book, despite the fact that the cover tells me it's v. trashy indeed by 1903 standards.

*sneeze* Put ol' Phil's 3 on the shelf where they belong, because I needed a stretch.

*buzz* *bounce* I do like books. And some more from ol' Phil!

I am making notes and setting things aside when I have a question. I had a pretty big question right there, poor Gertrude.

The bird and I are whistling at each other.

Shall need to go zippyzing and do the thing with the cable at some point or other, w00tz. And stuff. I think. This is not the best-organized thing.

'k, doing that in 15. Yay.

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