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From this afternoon:

No ... finding random Dianetics in poetry books is Not The Way I'd Like To Spend My Afternoon. At least it was well-credited!

Doing this a lot does lead to being stiff. I think I want a yoga ball for this.

Finding stuff in books is cool.

I just realized that I have almost six years of experience writing for the internet. That's got to count for something.

Whee, that's a lot of bookses. I seem to have caught up quite a bit of the stuff for the week.

Yeah, job is awesome. Bosslady is awesome. Since the gang is Bosslady, the Captain, rhea_windrider's husband, tamtrible, and me ... this means that I'm working with a gang of friends and fen, and things are entirely awesome. It's edging perilously close to "things that I might do on a volunteer basis"; there's definitely the potential for amounts of cool that are included in the "you know, people would pay good money to have fun like this."

I got praised for my book description skills. I seem to have picked up the knack for it really fast. Bosslady was looking through my posted items, and she was happy that I give enough detail so that you probably would be only slightly more enlightened with an actual picture, but not so much detail that one gets bogged down in it. At that point, I realized that I have coming up on six years' worth of experience writing for the internet. I did totally bite when I started out, but I fairly quickly learned the essentials of the stripped-down writing style.

I fueled up Vash, put more air in his front tires (they were looking a little low), and got groceries. Yay, groceries. Now I'm writing up a "this is how this part of LJ works" post.

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