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All hail the King of Dunces!

I was running late this morning, but I stopped by the drugstore and got gauze and tape, intending to apply them to my finger once I had a moment at work, but I took the adhesive bandages off, and while it's ugly, I don't really think it needs taping up during the day.

There was some random misunderstanding last night, resulting in some pieces of the wrong paperwork doing bad things. This was from the supervisors. Oi.

We're supposed to get a report kicked out to us every Monday. This is supposed to be automatic. It didn't do that this Monday. It didn't do it Tuesday. This morning, it transpired that the person we were trying to contact, to tell her that there was a problem with it, is actually no longer with the company. Woops. So her replacement hacked at it and it finally came out, holding up my paperwork in the process.

The Princess is still working on getting people's hours doing what they need to be doing. Meanwhile, I can catch up on some of the things that had to be left undone from Monday (!) when the thing didn't do its thing.

The Lipton Vanilla Caramel Truffle tea is disappointing, because it tastes slightly burnt. Of course, it could also be clashing with apple/orange/cinnamon in my mouth, so I'll give it another chance.

I've been contemplating getting a random yoga-type ball (I'm not picky about what the ball was originally intended for, so long as it's the right size and shape and can take someone large sitting on it, and Snarky Lady was recommending a Pilates ball) for a seat at work. That would certainly mean more bouncing and more general happiness with staying in one spot working on paperwork. I'd have to get a ball and something to cover it, but it would be so nice to sit on. The cover would probably work to keep it from rolling all around all over. I have to have a cover on a ball-for-seat, because the materials are not very breathable, and it's not nice to be sweating directly on one's seat like that.

Annnd! The Princess is done with the hours! And the remote reports are uploaded! Joy!

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