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Spreadsheets and other incomprehensible plots to take over the world

It's not that I don't know how to do the things that Trendy Jr. leaves off the paperwork. It's not that I'm "irritated at having to do actual work". It's that this particular petty little damn thing is her job, not mine, and having to take time away from doing my job in order to do the things she's been slacking on her job is damned irritating.

It's getting into pig-singing territory, except that all the bloody other teams, and indeed, all the bloody other supervisors, seem to have grasped this concept. I'm going to start thinking that this little girl is too stupid to understand percentages or something.

In happier news, I have told Homie G. Jr. that if he wants to learn stuff about spreadsheets, like if he wants to hack something to do something, just let me know and I'll walk him through how to do it. (He's completely embraced the idea of spreadsheets to do math for one, but is a little scared to do it on his own. If he can learn competence with hack-his-own spreadsheets, he may succeed me as Spreadsheet Mini-Guru of the Bullpen. That will mean less having to do simple stuff for them and graduate me up to only the complex issues. It will also mean less interruption. Rev. Miss Lunatic approves of this idea.)

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