Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

omfg; wtf.

I got a raise! Hooray! Management said it was a very good raise. Management does not think that the raise was big enough for all the work I've been doing around here. *grin* Evidently I have been working my ass off. I hear I'm going to be seeing it on my paycheck next week. That will be nice.

Darkside's room smells like dry black tea and leather. He got himself a nice long trenchcoat for Christmas. :D (Though I don't think it's a leather trenchcoat.) I opened up my little box of tea and the smell hit me and I realized that this was what it was. This caused me to go all silly.

OMG. Client changes to survey = CHAOS AND DESTRUCTION. May not say much more: confidentiality. Cannot say more: may weep.

My interviewers = not always so much with the clueful. *facepalm*

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