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Summary: news presents: "The Search for Enlightenment"!

New news is good news!
deflatermouse: "We talked to Google and Yahoo, and frankly, their search would totally suck on LJ, because LJ is frickin' huge and frickin' weird, and we know our meta-data better than they do. OMG I know our users and their habits far too well, which means I'm the perfect one to be right in the middle of all this, where "this" is "building a search engine for LJ", complete with a few tantalizing technical details. Also, we're going to start pre-announcing the stuff we're putting out, unlike ninjas, which we will never see coming."

Pirate Users: "We are so much cooler."
Concerned Users: "Can we restrict who gets to see what? Can we block it?"
burr86: "Yes! You'll be able to turn off LJ Search indexing, and unlike other robots and spiders, LJ will actually respect that."
Information Hors: "What about searching my locked entries?"
burr86: "Search away, me hearties! If they can see it, they can search it; if they can't see it, they can't search it. Simple as that."
Permanent Users: "Hey, how come we're the guinea pigs?"
Users who have Been Around A While: "Just so long as it's better than LJSeek, because that bites."

Trolls: *troll the post*
Pirates and Ninjas: *gang up together and present a united front, clobbering the fuck out of the trolls*
Spanish Inquisition: *is much less expected than the ninjas*

Non-Technical Users & Users who have Come Late to the Party: "OMG I don't want people able to search my stuff."
Users who have read the post: "Dude, it says right in there that you'll be able to turn it off."
Non-Technical Users: "Oh, was THAT what that was supposed to mean? Cool!"
User Behaving Badly in Public: "What about communities? It sounds like if someone wanted, they could search and find all the nasty comments I've written in communities and stuff over the years. I'm not sure I like this so much."

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