Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Massive graphic manipulation of supermodels contributes to poor self-esteem and warped body image.

Please to be thinking of supermodels as shown in magazines as cartoons. Please to realize that the average human being looks about as good as a supermodel before the makeup and the photoshop-type manipulation.

I think that it's worth the time for everyone who has a poor self-image, especially about their face, to have a professional makeup artist (I got attacked by some theatre friends of mine in college) go over their face and turn it from average into spectacular, just to demonstrate a) that it can be done, and b) what it takes to do it.

People with supermodel looks generally work at it with the same intensity that someone with normal interests puts into their hobbies and career. In channel, there was discussion about how some girls very carefully plan the first time that their boyfriend sees them without makeup. That concept just scares me to death. It's OK to have skin. It's OK to have pores. It's OK to have a complexion that is not perfect. It's OK to have hairs out of place. It's OK to have lips that are shaped a little weird and have funny wrinkles and are too big or too thin or asymmetrical. It's OK to have pimples. It's OK to be HUMAN, for crying the fuck out loud. You want to what, be an android? -- "Be critical and do not compare yourself to someone who has gone through twenty hours of retouching."

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