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I lost myself in sorrow; I lost myself in pain

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The Bad Bits:
Today really started out sucking at work, though I had a good mood about it. Yesterday featured massive system downtime; I heard that part when I came in the door. The part I learned after I hit my e-mail was that it was the central switch gadget, which = ow. So there was paperwork insanity, as Obso1337 Manager had finished up the last of the shift all by himself. Everyone got sent home, and of course no sooner did that happen but everything came back up. So he stayed umpteen billion hours and closed up everything, and it's rather miraculous that more didn't wind up being missing or wrong.

Pink Shirt Guy is going through dental hell that puts mine to shame. I feel very sorry for him. His dentist has told him that he will need to give up smoking, and that makes him very sorrowful, as aside from the addiction, he actually enjoys the smoking part.

I decided that it was probably PMS, since my day kept getting worse and worse as things went on. My shields went way down, my irritability went way up (those are linked), and to top it all off, I ran over the surge protector cord with my office chair and unplugged my computer, losing a (deliberately) unsaved text file, and forcing me to re-upload something that took 15 minutes on the (slow as fuck) network. (Our connection to our other office has crapped out, and the file was 11 megabytes.)

I got home, and found that the garbage disposal is not disposing; as I said in channel, I flip the switch and it goes *mmm*, rather than going *akljfeklasfdkljasfdklj* as it should. This, unfortunately, leads to a slow-draining sink full of split-pea glop from the crock pot that I was trying to scrub. And when I went to load the sinkful of dishes into the dishwasher, to at least try and get them out of the way and then clean, I found that the bottom of the dish washer was near to overflowing with green-tinted water. (More split pea soup residue.) When I went to do some scrubbing in the bathtub, the bathtub drain went *glorp glorp glorp*.

But, it's not an emergency (my definition of "emergency" has relaxed over the years), so I left a message on the office line, and that should get someone in here tomorrow to take a look at it. (If it goes on any longer than tomorrow, it will be an emergency. But, I have faith in their ability to get things fixed, and more faith in their ability to get things fixed when it's not 10pm and I'm not hysterical.) So, I've cleaned up the kitchen some, cleaned up the floor some, and generally tidied a bit, so when they do show up, it won't be into a state of emergency, just a small localized disaster area in the pea-soup-sink and related areas of plumbing.

Also, thank gods that gray water and sewer are plumbed separately. I bailed out some of the standing water in the bottom of the dishwasher and dumped it down the toilet, because it was up to a level where I was afraid that a little more water in the sink might cause the dishwasher to overflow, and that would have qualified as an emergency. We really don't want that.

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