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Unfinished entry from work

1:10 pm
If I'm left alone with this thing too long, I may be tempted to create a DB that will crunch things and then spit it out into spreadsheets that are all ugly like these are.

Evidently it's all cute and stuff when I gasp in shock, "But that violates the black box principle!" Although that's only somewhat true. Linked spreadsheets doing the job of a database are scary on general principle, and I shudder in fear. Management isn't fond of these either.

This morning I had to make a new Pandora station: "Makes Me Cry". I have no idea what the mix is going to be like, but for now I'm just adding songs that have a habit of prickling my eyes in that special way. I spun it off of Fastball's "The Way", since that one's gotten me since it came out. I added in "Free Falling" and "The Freshmen". (I never even knew her, but she

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