Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic
azurelunatic -- Mario's Lament. (I have to send this to my best friend. He will either appreciate it, or whack me, or both. I'm not discounting the possibility of both.) -- how to break up with a really nice person -- dad needs this link -- half a street. prompted me to say: "It works from the other side, too -- there's nothing more satisfying in a vengeful breakup where you still have to share a box than to take away all their rights and delete anything you feel is wasting space."

I have fresh cucumber pickle. This is due to me noticing that cucumbers were two for a dollar at Sprouts, getting two, scoring and slicing one, and putting it into a brine half of my own devising, and half of a pickling spice with instructions in a language that I cannot read, nay, not even sound out. I decided that I would see how it came out before doing the other one. It has come out beautifully, though I imagine that the shelf life cannot be as scarily-long as the average store-pickle.

My time is stretched too thin. I may not take on any more commitments. 'k?

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