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11:11 AM 1/26/2007
I find it amusing that I'm hitting F5 a lot on the internet, and a lot when writing here. It does
such different things between the two programs, but it's still the same key, and I'm not sure why
I find that hilarious, but I do. I was giggling when I was trying to go back to sleep this morning
too. That was actually because of something that I was going to ask vivian, because it
amuses me and I actually do want to know the answer whatever answer her players
can dream up.

Werewolves are a lot like actual wolves, right,
except they have that whole part-time-human thing
going on. And human-form werewolves are a lot like actual humans, except for the things that
aren't. Now, admittedly, my sample size on werewolves is pretty small, given that the only two
I've ever met in depth are Remus Lupin and (more recently) Vivian, but ... Remus always has an
industrial-strength bar of chocolate with him, given that he's whipping it out in response to
Dementor attacks. (Do we ever see him eating any?) And now I've been made aware of Blood and

Now, I know that chocolate is not a substance that the average canid should ingest. However. Do
werewolves have something special going on with chocolate or something?

And the perfect person to ask this question to would be vivian, because it's the sort
of embarrassing nosy species question that you can only ask once you get to know someone who
actually is (either that, or if you're an anthropologist). [Link to theferrett's essay
on this sort of question should go here.] (Players of vivian, if you should happen to
wander over and read this, feel free to die laughing at me for being such a dork at this point. I
promise I'll actually ask over there in the OOC thread so you can die over there without

11:27 AM 1/26/2007
I'm playing search & replace, see. It takes appx. 3 hours for the search & replace to actually
replace what it's supposed to be replacing. In theory, I'm also re-writing the briefing for
$ISSUE_SIDE_JOB while I'm doing this, because I can't do any other Excel job (Excel runs as one
whole schmear, not separate instances) while Search & Replace eats all its time. In actual
practice, I'm banging my head against both re-phrasing and making Job Calls on all this, OMG. This
is management-level judgment-calls on this thing.

11:42 AM 1/26/2007
I was joking in channel last night that since I have a temporary crown, this makes me a princess.
Therefore, I need to practice my drag makeup for when I become a Queen.

12:27 PM 1/26/2007
Stressy College Chick quipped that due to my second job, my weekend may be over-booked.

1:23 PM 1/26/2007
Think I have narrowed down the changes to a single change in procedure. That would be so awesome.

1:38 PM 1/26/2007
Bittersweet chocolate is so much better with almonds. I will have to remember this the next time
I'm shopping at TJ's. Better than milk chocolate. This makes me happy!

2:56 PM 1/26/2007
*facepalm* At least I got him thinking. (The Figment was just made aware that in at least one of
his long oblivious lectures to someone who's trying to ignore him, he managed to piss people off.
He appreciates knowing this so he can work to change it, because OMG SOCIALLY CLUELESS AND HE
KNOWS IT. And he knows that sometimes it takes a clue-by-four to make him STFU. What he fails at
is telling people up front when they meet him: "If I ramble on, please hit me or something and I
will shut up; I won't notice it otherwise, and it's not my intent to bore you or offend.")

3:13 PM 1/26/2007
The reason that I don't tend to get colleagues pointing out to me the various ways in which I fail
is that I'm more than adequate to point them out to myself at some point after I've failed at
them. I really don't need someone else telling me that too.

3:47 PM 1/26/2007
Sourdough toast shredded into split pea soup is really, really good. Now I just have to learn to
take proper care of a sourdough starter.

4:08 PM 1/26/2007
If my nerves are fried, metal in the style of Nightwish is one of the few types of music that will
not irritate me. It has melodic threads that my mind can follow smoothly. Bach is another way that
my mind gets untangled, because that's nicely complex and interwoven so I don't get bored and my
mind doesn't run into a melodic dead end or infinite loop like so many random rock songs have.

...oh dear. This may mean that I need a "Does Not Hurt My Brain" station on Pandora. I clearly
need more music that does not hurt my brain.

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