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Bunny vs. Snake video Audio not necessary, but has commentary.

Helped Rev. Not-So-Nice Supervisor with a spreadsheet trick that he wanted to make happen. It seems that my spreadsheets are catching on, and soon the whole bullpen are going to be having their own custom jobs. I walked the guy through putting together the thing he wanted to make happen. It was easier than he thought it would be; he thought it would involve more than it did. He did most of the clicking; I did directing. It was good. He was happy.

Drama Llama. Do not be scared by the URL -- image is work-safe, no banner ads, previous-and-next thumbnails are not overtly frightening. (Miss Lunatic is not a member of furry fandom, and finds some of the extremists in said fandom rather frightening, but will not shun anyone specifically for membership in that fandom, though will completely avoid batshit-crazy.) [Edited to add: Be scared by the URL, because evidently the characters "&image" in a URL will b0rk things. Working on fixing; image is in comments.]

Why Nobody Should Date Anybody
Scan This Book!
Oh, David Eddings. *facepalm*
Nothing I say can accurately describe Nietzsche Tech Support.

Roommate has migraine. I'm glad that the sounds of someone feeling wretched in ways too terrible to describe are no longer things that make me huddle in bed in fear with a pillow over my head. (Dad had some run-ins with a doctor over-prescribing niacin at him, and the results were not anything to make the household happy.)

Cancer research. OMG, that is amazing, and I hope it holds up against testing.
Great Moments in Research
This was Naomi.

Cracked-out suggestion that's not actually a suggestion: spell-checker for selecting usernames. Because there's very little more embarrassing than spelling your username wrong. (Of course, this wouldn't actually work.)

Roommate awake. I have Things to Do.

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