Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Why LJ Voice Post now has an 888 Number

LJ Voice Post Numbers: *die en masse instead of intermittently like they've been doing*
LJ Developers: *smack provider, again*
Provider: *sits there, does nothing, again*
hachi: "OMG VOICE POST DEPRIVATION!!" *buys 888 number, hooks it up to own credit card* "Here. Toll-free number.Protected NOW THIS THING IS GOING TO WORK RIGHT, OK?!?!"
brad: "... Wow, you didn't have to do that. Um, thanks?"
LJ Developers: "OMG you r00l." *madly scramble to get toll-free number support live, quite a bit ahead of schedule*
hachi: *smirk*

Paid Users: *beta test*
International Users: "Hey, where's the love?"
Alaskan and Hawaiian Users: "There's never any love for us."
LJ Developers: "Seriously, if any of y'all know about a good international provider, let us know, because we're looking for one who won't suck like the provider we're probably about to dump once the toll-free number goes out of beta doesn't suck."
Other International Users: *share tips and tricks on using toll-free numbers that are theoretically restricted to the US*
Party in Comments: *ensues*

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