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Party On!

Went to party at easalle's. The usual suspects were present: easalle & husband, rhea_windrider & husband, danielle_faye & fiancé, The Sprog of easalle & husband, all three cats, and the nephew of now-former bosslady.

A good time was had by all. There was assorted socializing & gaming. When I got there, there were also bonus teenage-types, three extras, who were hanging around the living room. That involved cat-allergies, and eventually they were escorted home. Everyone was able to breathe after that, because teenage-types have a lot of sprawl. I wasn't the only one who was starting to have twinging claustrophobia-because-of-People that lifted at Teenager Departure.

Assorted games got played. I sat out because I wasn't really up for gaming and also I was starting to feel very exhausted, perhaps because of that whole bleeding-out-the-elbow thing earlier on in the day. I did wind up going briefly not-entirely-wakeful on the living room floor. I'd been trying to take notes on the further adventures of Connie and Mike, but they weren't cooperating so well because I was needing sleep.

I did tell easalle about quitting. 6 days of working just does not work for me. Since I quit properly with Bosslady, rather than improperly by just sort of wandering off and not coming back, if my schedule calms down again and I do have time, I can see about working there again, and in fact I did say that I would check back if I did find myself with the time. (And I'm thinking that next winter when work goes all slower than bloody slow, there's probably going to be plenty of opportunity.)

After the games died down -- there were two rounds of something involving brains, and then something that looked like a cross between Exquisite Corpse and a card-based RPG -- there was general gossip and debate and free-for-all discussion, centering heavily on computers, gaming, people in the life of, and cats. Discussion of cats, specifically, Psychotic Cats We Have Known, wound up with computer-based entertainment including the dance sketch and assorted cat macros.

One of the mothers of the teenagers, I think the mother of the one who looks like Ginny Weasley from the movies, came by with the hookah for easalle, and there was geeking over that. There were pellets of things-to-smoke scented like pomegranate and rose. I was curious and dubious at the same time. Fortunately for people being able to breathe, the hookah was not fired up.

Since it was a Rabbit Hole Day party, there was of course the Disney Alice in Wonderland. There was a lot of discussion of that. I came in about halfway through. This is yet another traditional childhood classic that I'd never managed to see the entirety of. I saw a lot more of it this time than I'd ever seen in the past, so it made a lot more sense. There was discussion of the psychedelic period of Disney, because of the card sequences that made very little sense in general, and looked rather trippy indeed.

I came in just before the walrus.

This was a costume party, so almost everyone there was in costume. easalle was the caterpillar. rhea_windrider was the White Queen (I think). Her husband was a Mad Hatter, and so was danielle_faye's fiancé. Danielle was the White Rabbit, and stole the show by virtue of superior costume. She'd cut down a strapless dress into something that simultaneously suggested a vest and tailcoat, as well as a Playboy bunny outfit. She wore a collar and cuffs. The tail on the costume was a white shower puff. She wore two pairs of hose -- white fishnet over opaque black. There were ears. The effect was stunning even without the spike-heeled boots. There was an Alice, who was one of the teenagers who'd come without costume and had been costumed. I came wearing one of my black skirts (the straight velvet one without the slit in the back) and the hair ornament I got at last year's renfair, with my heart locket. None of these would have been remarkable without the cherry-red sweater. Evidently color is enough to make a costume, for me. ♥

I want a vulture umbrella. easalle pointed me at lawn flamingo heads and my current huge black umbrella. That does seem like it would work, especially if it were a temporary attachment.

I shared my LJ Rabbit Hole Plot (posting the Saga of the Red Queen's tart adventure as if I were the one going through it). There was giggling.

I (obviously) made it home safely. It was even almost by midnight. Further events are being plotted.

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