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Something that's been bugging me for ages that I need to run over to suggestions: Put userpic selector in Comment Preview. I can't count the number of times that I realized I needed to change the userpic when previewing the comment. Also, show userpic in preview. This will aid the "OMG I need to change the userpic" realization, especially when the default is Not Appropriate To the Comment.

This apartment comes with bonus catfights outside the front door. Every now and then at some ungodly hour, there is a yowling. This morning there was something like that, and hcolleen had a moment with a really beautiful expression. She froze in place and her eyes opened really really wide, and since her hair was already standing on end due to it being pre-shower morning hair after the night before, the effect was absolutely perfect for that sound effect. (In this case, it is where "beautiful" = "true", because while it was not particularly a pretty expression, it was the most genuine example of surprise that I've seen lately.) (And after discussion with myrrhianna today, it's actually very likely that a lot of the cat-noise is actually mating, rather than fighting.) -- Bad HTML on cake printout. -- discussion on cake -- the best part of that discussion
Conclusion: I WANT SOMETHING LIKE THAT. Perhaps for the next party?

"Clever Boy" -- Cordelia gets message from Miles in Memory. Ow.

It was 21 years this morning since the Challenger exploded. I still remember Dad trying to explain it. There will be inhabited planets named for you. Someday, and may someday be soon. -- why being into cats is essentially the same as being into psychotic tweakers. (I believe I promised this link before being on the wrong end of the set of knives. ^_^ In related news, I met myrrhianna's cats today. Nibiki doesn't like it if anyone else attempts to hold her, and I tried to keep holding her when she didn't want to be held, after being warned. Can we say end-user error, where end user = me?)

Have succeeded at meatloaf.

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