Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

12:07 PM 1/29/2007
Hrng. Still not 100% awake, but working on it.

There are things that I should not have to deal with. This is an example:
"There were 2 [phone goon] that was add to the job totaling 24 [phone goon’s]."
This is from the same woman whose e-mail address is wrong in her .sig.

2:18 PM 1/29/2007
Lunch was good. I am having a hermit-day, though. I'm reacting to People, and that's not an advantage for weeks when I want to Go Out and Do Things.

2:32 PM 1/29/2007
The Eldest Monitor was typing up a thing, printed it out, and showed it to Snarky Lady. Snarky Lady give her corrections, and she took it back to correct it. However, when she opened up her e-mail, she lost the document she'd been working on, and she hadn't saved it. So she had to re-type the whole thing! It wasn't fair! (She repeated that last part several times.) I suggested tactfully that perhaps I was not the person to talk about not-fair things about computers to. Between the Eldest Monitor and the computer, I'll side with the computer every time.

I'm doing a necessary search-and-replace, and the computer does not like all this action. I wonder what I can do to speed it up again.

3:02 PM 1/29/2007
Working on the morningstar reports. Happy things, or not. I do not have the kind of routine I want for them, so I can't just zip through them yet. Or rather, I have a routine for them, but that routine depends on things being in the right place at the right time, and that just doesn't happen.

4:38 PM 1/29/2007
Grandma Cinderella knows what is cool. She had shinies that she showed me. Blinkie shinies. I approve. I was trying to look up reasons for Excel slowing down and being such a beast, but there doesn't seem to be much that I can do other than empty my trash bin. I don't have shared drives mapped ... and wow, the trash bin seems to have been it.

4:43 PM 1/29/2007
Tired Lunatic didn't get quite enough sleep last night. Lunatic needs to start going to bed before midnight. This is an ongoing project, to change the bedtime.

The plan tonight involves bleeding on things, after I'm done here. Right now I'm uploading stuff
and having fun with that.

5:04 PM 1/29/2007
This pipe is not wide enough to transfer a 15mb file and actually do any other work on the remote location's files. Silly pipe. The rest of the piping is just fine, but not that bleeding tube.

5:10 PM 1/29/2007
Reasonably hyper. I have a time limit that I'm operating under, but I need to finish these things up and there's also a limit of what I can do when Excel is taken up with doing things with the thing. Argh. No fun.

At least I have tea. Tea is good. Though tea probably contributes to the nerves.

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