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Nearly a whole day's worth of update.

From last night:
Icon that I want now: Animated, with 2 main images & text. Text: "RTFM, n00b!" Image 1: Nibiki-chan, preferably glaring at the camera like she is going to kill something, bonus points for visible claw or at least a paw in "I display my weapons" position. Image 2: my lacerated flesh. (I'm never going to let myself live this down.)

(Icon is of my little half-wild snugglepuss, Eris Raven. Miss Raven is none too pleased in that photo. Miss Raven now dwells with the former roommates in another state, because I could not justify separating her from her Mosh and leaving her alone for my workday in a tiny studio apartment.)

From today at work:
9:52 AM 1/30/2007
Why didn't I see that e-mail? Because you didn't include me on it, you daft woman. As much as you would like to think I am, I am not actually a manager, so I don't have membership in the management e-mail box, and in any case, the response of yours that you thought I should have seen was sent directly to the Main Manager, with cc: to the Pink Shirt Guy, his office-mate counterpart, and Obso1337 Manager. All four of those people are managers, albeit on three separate tiers of management. Me? Not manager. You're a manager, even. I'm not.

It mystifies me how people can use the e-mail system and not figure out that my e-mail box is not telepathic.

10:14 AM 1/30/2007
Today is another day for replacing things in spreadsheets that do not want to be replaced. That is going to be lots of fun. I could want to get the heck out of here early, but that would be no good for me. Tonight is to be Anime Night, and that should be fun for the whole family.

I got two sub-miniature roses from Trader Joe's. I brought one of them to work with me, and I figure that it will be an exercise in responsibility for me. (I'm good at taking care of flowers for a short time, at which point all skill deserts me and I do something boneheaded.)

10:34 AM 1/30/2007
Still waiting on co-workers; updating the monitor system to have the current job numbers.

10:40 AM 1/30/2007
Monitor system has current job numbers. I am being brought to life by Evanescence. Excel is still trying to search and replace 06.xls with 07.xls in this bleeding spreadsheet, and I'm going to have to wait for it. Next I guess I'd better clean out my in-box and see if there's anything that wants my attention from a few weeks ago.

There's a meeting tomorrow. It's videoconference, so I should probably make sure not to wear any shirts with scary memes that would scare my co-workers. Though since I wear plain shirts in any case, and I'm all business casual, this wouldn't work so much. I wonder if I can start getting away with wearing regular t-shirts again, ones with printing, even.

10:48 AM 1/30/2007
I have no idea what to call this playlist, but it needs a cute title and more songs that are at least related on some sort of tangent:
Sympathy for the Devil: Stones
A Good Idea at the Time: OK Go
Anastasia: Voltaire

10:57 AM 1/30/2007
s/r is still grinding away. It will probably finish up at about the same time as the office gets finished with the phone goon charged time. That'll be a Good Thing, since those two things go well together.

12:02 PM 1/30/2007
Bob Dylan may be the voice of several decades, but his delivery still puts me off.

1:46 PM 1/30/2007
*facepalm* The extranet that we couldn't get into last night? Our domain authentication is case-sensitive. This marks the first instance of me using "*facepalm*" in an official work e-mail, albeit one to only one recipient.

3:07 PM 1/30/2007
... or not. Bafflement.

Oh. Oh!! We're putting the wrong URL in. *facepalm* 'k.

3:35 PM 1/30/2007
Wanna-Be Rock-Star is back on the phones. This led to a discussion with Snarky Lady about the poker face, and how internet gambling is not nearly so fun as in-person gambling, because you can't see the expression on their face when you win and they don't. I pointed out that my one friend the professional gambler gets their RDA (and then some) of schadenfreude via a volunteer position. You really can't argue with that...

3:55 PM 1/30/2007
Ever the adult and consummate professional, I have my headphones on, my feet up on the chair next to me, am drinking hot tea, and blowing and popping huge bubbles with brilliantly pink strawberry bubble gum.

Anime night = so much fun. Just the two of us, but hilarity and jokes on the Viagra pen. (English's mom got a Viagra swag pen. Bad puns abound. There are lots of them; English can keep it up all night.)

From 1400 hours on the 27th, a text-to-LJ post that didn't post: I feel terrible about quitting, but I cannot swing 6 day work weeks. At least I left in good order and properly. I did not just run away. Maybe try later. I plan to put that in the proper order with the rest of that day's posts, but I don't have the time right now.

From tonight, at GMT 0410, which is 2110 here (I think): pizza is a battle here. Not in the debate but in the technical end. I have decided that Bozo is in a geographic limbo where it is hard to map him. is my friend. -- phooootos. It's seriously weird to watch someone grow up and then recognize that they are now a major hottie, and the movie-watching adult world remembers Dan Radcliffe as a small schoolboy. I remember when there was a total "Ewwww!!" over the middle-aged men eagerly counting down the months until Britney Spears was legal so they wouldn't feel so bad about themselves.

OMG, this is where Bozo got inspiration:

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