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More Surreal: Sexuality

So Loveless is an animé with ... issues. Some of the issues that are being experienced by the characters include: same-sex relationships, not-quite-platonic-but-nothing-beyond-hugging-and-kissing (so far; I have no idea how far the show goes) relationships between a very much older teen and a very much younger teen (I think it's 12 and 18/19-ish), visible virginity, BDSM, grief, really bad reactions to grief, physical abuse of children as one of same, bullying, Nobody Tells Me Anything (specifically, withholding rather vital information needed to make informed decisions about stuff from a teen), unrequited love, and possibly even budding multiple personalities.

English was mentioning stuff about Japan's society being decadent and All Sorts of Things were out in the open out there, and he used the key word that made my ears cringe a little: "Queers."
Twice wasn't a coincidence.
"Hey, some tact around the bisexual," I said, grinning, indicating myself with a thumb.

English did what Leftover Leftovers Guy didn't, and took the hint, and was more generally sensitive and we agreed that yeah, it did seem that in Japan, stuff that is in subcultures out of the mainstream in the US is very readily media-available and far more accepted, almost embraced in some ways. And. Tentacles.

I don't think that Loveless deals with tentacles.

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