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Notes from work.

11:04 AM 2/1/2007
OMFG, that woman is ... omg. OMG. Not the sharpest crayon in the box. A bit of a dim-watt bulb. (This is one of the fulfillment ladies, the one who is always needing me to add job numbers.)

11:34 AM 2/1/2007
[for my writer-ladies only] Here is where to go. smmc, you were mistaken -- you didn't actually join, you're just watching. Nor did you, o Captain. myrrhianna, you joined, but would you like to watch the community as well? samurai_ko, all is in order.

11:55 AM 2/1/2007
Oooooh. People are abusing my monitoring system. SMACKITY. (Where by "abusing" I mean "putting bad job numbers that do not exist in, but we need to have the ability to put in good job numbers that should exist but have not been entered by the admins, and there is not the ability to discern bad job numbers from good job numbers that have not been entered yet).

12:17 PM 2/1/2007
Vented to Obso1337 Manager; I'll be addressing the actual admin of the monitoring system with the bug where we can't change job numbers for someone who's been deleted, and asking that people please to inform someone when they have to use the "other", because in any case it needs to be fixed somehow.

12:36 PM 2/1/2007
And, hee. Obso1337 Manager said that the wanna-be rockstar boy got himself disqualified from being a monitor. "He brought it upon himself," was the pronouncement. Said manager didn't have anything to do with that decision; it was handed down from higher levels of management. (Coincidentally, the boy went home early that day. Gee.)

1:48 PM 2/1/2007
New news! Wannabe-rockstar-boy quit.

2:48 PM 2/1/2007
Alas, he didn't actually quit-quit; he just went on a leave. So did Cute Short Chick's little brother. So did Leftover Leftovers Guy. (Glee!)

This is how most people quit: they take a leave of absence and then get their new job and either quit or just don't come back. It's a very nice and polite way of getting the hell out of there and not actually saying "Screw y'all, I quit."

4:23 PM 2/1/2007
GHA. Just ... it's a long, long day, y'all.

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