Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

My day, in convenient timestamped text file

10:53 AM 2/2/2007
"Tank you for your patience. ... will result in a temporal hold on your accounts."
*snerk* Spam bad.

11:10 AM 2/2/2007
E-mailed the blonder half. Am hoping for time this weekend. Goodness knows I could
use a hug.

11:22 AM 2/2/2007
They don't call it work because it's fun.

11:37 AM 2/2/2007
Very nearly done with the hard tedious part of the briefing packet for the thing.

12:12 PM 2/2/2007
At least the ibuprofen has kicked in. Ibuprofen good. This makes it possible for me
to be functional in the brain department even while all sorts of scary things are
going on in the department of the reproductive system.

4:17 PM 2/2/2007
omg tired. I have 1.25 hours left in my week unless they want me to go overtime. I'm
going to go talk to Pink Shirt guy about this topic, and see what I should do.

5:15 PM 2/2/2007
Whee, I do not actually have to stay late. I'll water my rose enough for the whole
weekend, and then after I clean up, I'm so out!!
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