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Zombie Morning

10:11 AM 2/5/2007
Dear Pandora, "disco influences" are all well and good, but on my acoustic station?
You're on crack. Of all the things that go well together, acoustic and Dragostea Din
Tei (Almighty Remix) are not two of them.

I'm hoping it was just a flash labeling error. Because I was doing things while it
was trying to do things, and I can live with "it didn't label the station right"
more than I can live with "it put that song on that station".

OMG sleepy. Hello, emergency can of livewire at the bottom of my backpack.

10:28 AM 2/5/2007
A discussion in someone else's journal about genderbending in fanfic made me aware
that I sometimes consciously mix gender stereotypes in myself. I hashed a lot of my
gender identity things out with boojum when we were teenagers, and came
to the happy conclusion that a) I'd been left without too many gender hang-ups from
my childhood, thanks to my parents not getting hung up on gender-labeling, and b)
since I was secure in my identity as female, that made everything that I did
therefore "feminine", so I didn't have to worry about anything I did diminishing my
identity as a woman.

The mixing up of things is generally to disconcert people around me who think they
have me labeled. Who says that skirts and geek push-ups don't mix?

10:37 AM 2/5/2007
Ads that pop up contextual anything when I roll over them should die. Contextual
pop-ups should be saved for things that are actually intended to help me. This will
help me accept contextual pop-ups to help me better, because I won't be used to
killing them and making them die.

10:51 AM 2/5/2007
OMG CRANKY STILL. Darkside pointed out the distinction between his states of cranky:
he's merely irritable when he hasn't had enough sleep; he's grouchy when he's in any
stage of illness (coming down with, sick, or recovering). (This was apropos of me
mentioning that his mother had warned me at one point that he was snappish due to
sleep deprivation. (I hadn't actually noticed.))

10:59 AM 2/5/2007
Aha; it might have been that I had the "guide us" up when the thing switched. It's
on Quick Mix. Because somehow I don't think that Death Cab for Cutie fits in with my
witchy-music so well either, and that's what happened this time. Perhaps I shall
experiment the next time I catch it on a really distinctive station, to see if
that's so.

11:03 AM 2/5/2007
I am wearing my happy-little-glimpse-of-sky necklace today. Hooray for grifyn and her necklaces!

11:04 AM 2/5/2007
This morning, I had a nightmare about trying to wash split pea soup out of a black
ribbed shirt.

11:34 AM 2/5/2007
It's taking tea, but I'm waking up now. Note to self: tea > Dew.

11:49 AM 2/5/2007
Ngggh. Still catching up. Still waiting on the office with hours.

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