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This afternoon's dose of updating.

12:16 PM 2/5/2007
I have come up with a nickname for the woman in Fulfillment who manages to drive me bats without even trying. It is "< apples", because she has less sense than God gave little green apples. (It helps that it's a pun on her name.)

12:22 PM 2/5/2007
Meetings next week. holy crap.

1:23 PM 2/5/2007 is one of those hidden-track songs; I'm not sure if Pandora codes those different than other songs.

2:01 PM 2/5/2007
Still waiting on the numbers from the office. I have a number of choices of things to do next, but I'm not sure what comes next. Ack.

2:38 PM 2/5/2007
Stuff is being done. Still waiting. They're having trouble in there doing their thing. I think I'm knocking off for lunch right now, because I think I'm hungry or something.

3:42 PM 2/5/2007 has 4 thumbs-down for Bob Dylan. I thought it was supposed to stop playing Bob Dylan after the 2nd one, considering that he's not seeding or thumbed-up at all?

3:51 PM 2/5/2007
Upper-level management shows up tomorrow. I have a conceptual headache and a vile mood, because it's stats I'm not prepared with yet that he's going to need, and I'm behind on paperwork due to not getting my numbers anything like on time. And they're bad numbers too, because shit got changed on us.

4:06 PM 2/5/2007
Vile numbers. Vile mood. One hour left before I need to leave. WANT HUG FROM BEST FRIEND IN UNIVERSE.

Oh, and Pandora stopped working a few minutes ago.

4:31 PM 2/5/2007

When Pink Shirt Guy came through asking about a white Neon, he didn't see me and I didn't see him. It was Vash, all right.

The other car that hit him while he was parked sustained more damage, with a taillight and some fiberglass coming off. Vash got shoved to the side, dented, scratched, and has some new red paint, but there seems to be no damage to the underside, he's a front wheel drive, and nothing fell off but some paint chips.

oh yeah, I'm having a great fucking day.

E-mail documentation of the incident from Pink Shirt Guy:

Subject: Car Hit in Parking Lot

A white Dodge Neon, Arizona license [], belonging to [official title] Joan [Lunatic], parked in the first (north) space on the west side of the east parking lot was hit at approximately 3:44 p.m. There is damage to the rear left quarter panel from just after the left rear passenger door to end of the quarter panel. The contour of the body has been flattened, there are scratches, gouges and paint chipped out, and there are paint streaks from the vehicle which hit it. The force of the impact moved the Dodge approximately three inches sideways as evidence by the mark made in the parking lot by the rear tire.

The impact was heard by three men in the [neighboring business] parking lot just to the north of us. They stated that the sound of the impact drew their attention and they observed a burgundy Ford Ranger extended cab pickup, which apparently had been parked in the space next to the Dodge, peal out of the parking lot and headed south on [] Avenue. The driver was described as a white male and there was a white female passenger. The truck was described as beaten up, with various body damage and tape on the right passenger window. There is body damage at the right front quarter panel judging from the pieces of the truck body and amber running/turn signal lens at the site.

No further detail of the vehicle or driver and passenger was available.

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