Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Put your Code in the Box... -- hmm. *looks at the member of her flist who is Well Known to be the Least Selective and Most Desperate and Least Well-Laid In Easy-Fuckery Situations* -- TSA vs. the Pierced Junk. (Oh, gods, I called it "junk". Smack me, please.) -- bookstore! In danger!

PSA: I've been reading personal journals only this hell-week (no time for more) so if there was anything in a community that I should have seen, link me because I likely didn't see it, though I've been trying to catch up. -- if I didn't link it before, feminine/masculine in slash, with assorted Gender Fun.

-- lj_releases has a code push coming up on Monday; no known insanity so far, mostly fixes for things that have been driving LJ addicts like the devs absolutely insane. (OMG comment errors.)

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