Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Short Day; Short Bus

10:05 AM 2/9/2007
Additionally, Ms. < Apples, your voice is shrill and you have a habit of popping in...

... and there you were again.
"It's cooooold back here. Do you like it like that?"
"Do you spend all day back here by yourself?"
"I like it like that, too."

Woman's energy is spiraling way outside of the usual boundaries and feels like jagged orange spirograph flames around her midsection. *Lower* midsection. I would never ever ever get into bed with her, not even if I liked her, not with energy like that. It's too hungry.

10:54 AM 2/9/2007
If you work long enough with numbers, you do start to get emotional about them. I didn't understand it so much when I was hearing about assorted numerology things, but numbers really are tricky little buggers. Depending on the number, they're either very nice or very nasty, and they can change at a moment's notice if there's another number in proximity.

11:41 AM 2/9/2007
Waiting for the office; trying to get things done that I need to get done to get other things done.

1:05 PM 2/9/2007
Outta here. w00t!

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