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Woke up early enough that I felt it was probably too early to call Darkside. Alas. So, I did laundry. There was a fiendishly large crowd in the laundry room, and I was happy to get two washers next to each other. The bathroom rug was smelling foul, so I brought the vinegar with me and doused it quite extensively in that. I'd rather have a rug smelling of vinegar than smelling of ammonia, thankyouverymuch. (I suspect that my long bath-with-trashy-penny-book last night contributed to the State of the Rug, as it got doused with water, got used to soak up free water on the floor in that crevice between toilet and bathtub that doesn't like to get washed regularly, and then not dried properly.) It was an adventure to get dryers, because dryers have a longer cycle than washers. Fortunately, as I'd handed a spare quarter to some of the neighbor girls earlier, they moved two small loads in together and I got dryers sooner than I might have.

Darkside was deep in the middle of a job hunt when I called. I think he's going to be very much out of the social loop until he does find that new job, whatever it's going to be. (His current position looks to be drying up due to the company no longer offering that feature to their customers, see.) He's confident in his ability to locate and obtain a new position, though he's going to be impossible until he does get it. (The former is what he said. The latter is my experience with him talking.)

I did assorted cleaning around the apartment -- nothing too major, just cleaning the chaos of snack cracker containers off the kitchen counter and consolidating the tag-ends into one big container like they belong, putting things away, putting things in the to-go bag, folding paper bags, wiping down parts of the refrigerator -- and then hcolleen came home.

We watched the first episode of Kimi wa Petto, and then the first episode of Ouran High School Host Club. No Bleach, as I was getting antsy. I even vacuumed! Amazing! All my laundry is put away now, also. The majority of the bathroom counter is sponged down, though there are still all the assorted jars & bottles -- I don't see them moving any time soon, but at least I can try to keep up on that.

I went on a brief walk around the parking lot and swiped down Vash, to get the worst of the leaves and the mud-droplets off him while it was all still wet. It had been raining during the afternoon, but it's cleared up now. (Alas. Though hcolleen will be happy, as she and Weather don't get along at all well.)

I brushed my hair completely out before my shower, and it still makes me very amazed at how much hair I actually have. Part of it is the humidity, because that's making each individual strand of hair stand apart in its own little wave. (I like my hair when it's semi-dry like that, fortunately.) I reflected at what it takes to slick my hair down when it's loose into a volume resembling the typical amount of hair I see on other people. Rather a lot of goop goes into that. Then I braided it all, and like magic, it was one tidy little rope. (Well, and a few strands that didn't want to go in, but those are par for the course.)

Bitchy Witchy Week is well over, happily. I took one of the PMS herbal capsules anyway, because those things pack a serious sedative wallop on me. I need to make sure I'm out cold all night long, because tomorrow is going to be another rough Monday from the sounds of things. I'll need books for the dentist's office, because tomorrow's the crown, in addition to the Weekend Paperwork of Doom.

...I'd better bring chocolate and a good toothbrush, instead of just relying on the dinky little travel toothbrush in my purse.

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