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Monday ramblings from work

Oi vey!! Need all [new system] hours for all jobs through Saturday which is going to be a bit of a PITA but [parent company location] needs them.

Yet another thing to make my Monday wonderful.

Getting a decent run-up on all the Monday things though.

11:54 AM 2/12/2007
Waiting on a search-and-replace. Fun times to be had by all. I think I'm ahead. I should be ahead. I have finished my applesauce-and-dew and have started on my first cup of tea.

I saw no commentary on the n00bs who smacked into Vash-san, so I'm assuming they're hired.

12:09 PM 2/12/2007
Speaking of them, Dayshift just came in with a wacky facetious idea that Obso1337 Manager came up with. There's a newsletter that Traveling Manager is going to be doing, and there's a call out for contributions. Obso1337 Manager suggested that there be an item about the Mystery Truck. *snerk*

12:13 PM 2/12/2007
The Dio song "Lock Up The Wolves" -- one of the problems with heavy metal is the mumbling. It sounds entirely like "Knock Up The Wolves" at some points, which is just not a particularly safe song to have around, not at all.

1:02 PM 2/12/2007
The passenger no-call, no-showed his way out of here. The driver's still here, though. This means I still know his work number. Sucker.

Even if I did find out his other information through a legitimate method of getting it, I probably wouldn't give it to the insurance company now that I've thought of the bad idea of getting the information in an illegitimate manner, because unless I had airtight proof that I'd gotten it legitimately, it could contaminate things.

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