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Stuff from Work

10:53 AM 2/13/2007
Vash is with the repair d00d. My whole day is thrown off balance.

11:03 AM 2/13/2007
Instead of braving the bus system again, they had a shuttle. Hooray shuttle! I got dropped right off at work, and that makes me happy.

And it was raining. That also makes me happy. (If I ever re-locate, rain is going to be a priority.)

11:32 AM 2/13/2007
In retrospect, it makes a lot of sense that the LF is ADHD. I was trying to work with his limitations, even though I didn't understand them. Marx was trying to punish the ADHD out of him. Ha. No wonder it didn't work.

12:24 PM 2/13/2007
It already feels like a Thursday. (Never could get the hang of Thursdays.)

1:24 PM 2/13/2007
Estimate so far is under my deductible. I let the guy know that I would like to retain the broken pieces from the other vehicle as trophies. *snerk* Vash's driver is ... not nice. Not when things like this are concerned.

1:31 PM 2/13/2007
Waiting for upload to finish. Bah humbug. This stuff is taking up my morning when I should have been doing other fun stuff.

1:37 PM 2/13/2007
Still waiting for things to do things. Cleaning out my e-mail.

2:24 PM 2/13/2007
More things doing things; updating things that needed things updating. Scary things.

Silly dental lab didn't get the crown right. The fit was perfect. The color, not so much so.

3:43 PM 2/13/2007
wtf. Estimate OMG ESTIMATE.

4:25 PM 2/13/2007
OK. All the cracktastic part of the paperwork should be over, and I should get into the good bits now, the parts where I do not have to scream, cry, and beat people. Ms. < Apples was visiting me earlier this afternoon, and had to be told that she needed to bring a job number with her when she was coming to ask me a question about something, and that the two job numbers she wanted me to add to the chart were already there, which could have been prevented if she had BROUGHT THE JOB NUMBERS WITH HER BLOODY FRICKIN' HELL. (Snarky Lady likes her. This is because she is sweet and invades people's personal spaces, and Snarky Lady does not have to actually work with her.)

4:31 PM 2/13/2007
Management said in that meeting the other day that we might just be able to get parent/child job numbers. GLEE.

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