Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Hilarity abounds!

Tonight was a good group night. I got the new group description turned in, they were handing out makeup in little bags, and there was chocolate. hcolleen and myrrhianna were all over shopping and stuff earlier on in the day, and they came up with crazy chocolate. They gave an assortment of bitter chocolate to M, who likes dark chocolate. It ranged from 60-something-% to 99% cocoa solids. ZOMG CRAZY DARK.

M is all about the dark chocolate, but one tiny square of the 99% was all that she was able to take. It got passed around. azwriter tried biting into it, which was a Bad Thing. I was just sitting there letting it dissolve on my tongue, because that's what you do with chocolate like that, just let it dissolve and be pure chocolate in your mouth. It's not a chewing chocolate. Evidently I looked all blissed out.

hcolleen was making all sorts of sassy comments (we all were), and I was sticking my tongue out at her, so when she made one more sassy comment I grabbed her face and licked her cheek. This resulted in group shutting down for a good ten minutes as she hid with her face on the table and all of us roaring with laughter, because that was so not planned and the results were so hysterical. (This was entirely platonic licking, naturally. If it had been M, that would have been something else, but this is Ecchi-chan. And if I licked M, there would be Rather More Results Than I Would Want To Deal With. Zomg. Leaving lipstick prints on M was bad enough.)

M got all lipsticked-up, by virtue of having everyone leave lipstick prints on her.

In addition to tip, our excellent server got chocolate-covered cashews. Making his workday more nuts!

easalle brought a book of love letters, and there were dramatic readings. I am evidently in possession of a sexy voice. I took advantage of this, shameless advantage. Then I wrote a love letter over dinner, one of the ones that doesn't get sent. Maybe someday it would be OK to show it to him, the overt love letter, but not now. Not yet. The roses are yellow.

easalle picked me up at work. Roads that did not connect and then bad drivers and before that her babysitter's timing conspired to make it so she showed up with plenty of time for me to print off my grammar rant and BS with the Cute Desk Guy. (Cute Desk Guy now has a laptop that he uses at his desk while looking cute and keeping an eye on things.) There was construction drama downtown, with plenty of snark and traffic cones. And! The big news! Our Nemesis, the Flashing Sign -- is no more! There are big static banners draped over it now. Ha-ha! A Fanta? Do Not Want!!

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