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Azure Jane Lunatic

My morning: scary dreams, then paperwork.

9:13 AM 2/15/2007
I really do hate having nightmares. Evidently being cut off from my friends and having someone's cake blow my brownies up is nightmare material. Even though it wasn't actually the cake. The guy asked me, "Can you watch my cake for me?" and I made room in the box for the cake and watched with pleasure as he put it in there. And then the box blew up and the manager of the grocery store was asking me what had happened and I realized that when he was putting the cake in there, the cake was placed on top of the bomb he had put in there, and I was trying to whisper this to the manager, and I couldn't say it in a public place and I was trying to get either him to listen to a whisper or else a private office, but he was half-deaf and couldn't understand that I needed to tell him in private. And no one could get in touch with D, which was immensely scary because it was one of those "you must contact the proper authorities" situations, and the proper authorities were out of contact. Scary. (Of course, calling the police never occurred to anyone.)

9:57 AM 2/15/2007
I resent that I have to leave work early in order to pick up the car. But, then, I will have my Vash-san back! Hooray! I will call the auto place when I'm on break or something, and arrange to be picked up at 4, maybe, and that won't be too much time snagged out of my day. And then it'll be Anime Night at home! We'll be starting a new disk of Bleach.

10:00 AM 2/15/2007
Wuh-oh. Looks like the outside connectivity just went out. Thankfully, the exchange server is in the building. Hee, hee.

10:03 AM 2/15/2007
I turn my streaming music player off when leaving the room, to avoid wasting bandwidth.

10:41 AM 2/15/2007
Catching up with the TPS Reports. I'd let them go because I don't technically need to have them all entered until Monday, so when my day is short on time and it's not a Monday, they're the first thing to go.

I need to poke Turbo about the bloody phone in the room. Management says there needs to be one in here, so there should be one in here, and that means that Turbo needs to install it. He's probably going to dump it on the desk, snarl, shove a cord into a hole in the wall, and present me with a book and tell me to RTFM.

10:58 AM 2/15/2007
Turbo has been poked. No idea when he's going to get back to me. Management claims that she asked him a month ago. I'm not surprised that she doesn't have priority, because while she's Management, she's also Not Geek. I'm Geek.

11:24 AM 2/15/2007
Played phone tag with Management. Saw Turbo over there. He's on an upgrade run around the building.

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