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10:17 AM 2/16/2007
Woo, fragile mood. Yay. I shall have to remember to avoid my co-workers today.

Sleep issues have been happening. Since the idea of being unwilling to sleep because
I dislike the prospect of nightmares was mentioned in my vicinity, I'm wondering if
that would be a viable coping strategy even though it was mentioned as a bad one.

There are typo problems and clerical errors in the paperwork I am dealing with, and
OMG I am turning into Percy Weasley. But I'm just so annoyed that they're not doing
the parts of their job right where they intersect with my job.

I'm too cranky to be a good manager; Darkside's got at least part of it right. (He
was trying to imagine me as a manager and failing, not without closed doors and
general unhappiness.)

10:30 AM 2/16/2007
OK, need more sleep and to adjust my dosage of the happy St. John's Wort. I think
last week is finally catching up with me. I could hope that I would be allowed to
bring a book to go visit Darkside and curl up in the chair beside his as he pokes
around looking for jobs online. He needs to job-hunt, and I ... really want and
quasi-need some face-time.

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