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Busy weekend.

George Takei says what needs to be said about that homophobic basketball player. Please put down beverages & your co-workers might not need to hear this.

Must remember to go over and get that cable from trystan_laryssa -- maybe I'll drop by tomorrow night after everything? hcolleen is having some Bad Data Moments, in that after she bought and installed the 400gig new HD, she realized that all her media is on the 80gig one that she just dis-installed, and she needs the magic cable. Which is over with them. So I was supposed to grab it last night while we were watching Trigun, but I just spaced. Even though trystan_laryssa had it located and everything.

My computer speakers are having problems with the right speaker. Alas. It's showing up on the headphones too, so it's part of the wiring and not just the speaker mechanism. Alas.

Let's see. Weekend. Darkside = busy. I did Trigun with trystan_laryssa Saturday night, did dishes Saturday evening, talked with Tay-Tay a little before that, and bled out the elbow Saturday afternoon. This morning, I drove hcolleen to work, then came back and slept until a very reasonable hour, then did laundry and played around on the internet. After hcolleen came back home, I completely dismantled and then re-constructed the pile of assorted bedding that I sleep upon, and we watched some more Bleach. Just as she was getting ready to go to bed, I saw an e-mail from Mama come in.

Communication is great in my family. Really great. So great, in fact, that I didn't know my eldest aunt, the one I'm named for, was having health problems until Mama e-mailed me saying that it was worse than they'd thought. Um. Eeep? I don't think I've seen her for over ten years. She's a wonderful person, and I wish I'd been staying in touch with my whole family better, and. And. And. And Mama and Dad are going to see her and the rest of the family there, and I didn't know why until Mama e-mailed me.

So I called her. Instead of "Hello," I opened with the commentary that my hen Aurora used to greet the universe with when she was unhappy about the way the universe was treating her, much to the surprise of hcolleen. Mama knew immediately who it was, of course. We caught each other up on stuff.

Grandma turns 90 in November. Guide Dog Aunt was thinking about a party, and somehow that turned into a family gathering. But since November is so bad for everyone, it'll most likely be the end of September.

Next time I go see Darkside, I need to go off into his room and hide with him, hopefully getting to just curl up next to him and be petted, because goodness gracious do I ever need a moment like that, just to catch my breath again.

Oh, and what I have typed of "Hell's Angel" has gone missing. Glad I have it on paper.

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