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Basic Geek Body Types

Stick: Your stereotypical 98-lb weakling, if you're going to get technical about it. Thin, slender, verging on emaciation -- this geek is not going to win any strength contests any time soon, except by cunning. Don't underestimate the cunning. Brains and a plan can win out over brute strength as long as brains has a head start to get the plan in place.

Ninja: This wily geek is fast on his or her feet, small and slight of build, and through dedicated training, packs a surprising amount of wiry muscle on that small frame. Will kick your ass.

Barbarian / Amazon: This geek is built to a larger scale than the Ninja, has well-toned muscles (oiled & rippling are a bonus) and is equally at home in the gym, the library/computer room, and the DDR pad in the arcade. Will kick your ass.

Teddy Bear: Has enough padding to be eminently huggable (and knock someone's eyes out if laced into a tight bodice). Can be fearsome warriors, especially when disturbed. Scaled from giant grizzly to baby koala.

Cushion: This geek is rather round and soft. Do not underestimate this geek, however: they are given to sudden and alarming (if perhaps infrequent) feats of strength, and have been occasionally known to pick up an unsuspecting Barbarian or Teddy Bear and heave them across the room. Not half so vulnerable to being stuffed in a locker as the Stick, and can be hidden behind in case of enemy attack.

Fragile: Treat this geek with the same care you would exercise with a shiny new bit of tech swag. Do not expose to extreme temperatures, shock, static electricity, sharp objects, abrasives, wild animals, unauthorized chemicals, or end-users.

"Average": Body type has no particular distinguishing characteristics. Could pass for a non-geek if cast as an extra in a movie.

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