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I celebrate holidays one day behind due to paperwork delay.

9:57 AM 2/21/2007
Awake, I think. Last night was wow late. We had a great old time gossiping and then
took 45 minutes to reach a pizza place that would deliver. (We got to Tempe way
early, and wound up driving around and went to the little Japanese market on
University and ... Priest? ... and got some basic supplies for English and I got
chopsticks-in-a-box and more prescription-strength chocolate. By the time we got
back, it was time for anime night. We started on Noir, except we started on a disc
before we'd stopped, so instead of the next disc we watched Moonchild. There
are really a lot of things that can be said about Moonchild. The fight scenes
are really great, and wow the angst. Forget Anne Rice.

10:24 AM 2/21/2007
Turbo here with phone. Snarky Lady was getting annoyed with him for not making a
phone happen. He's in back right now, probably doing some arcane switchboard things
and making things happen.

Traveling Manager has joined the horde of managers insisting that I finish my
degree. She included "mug an old lady" in her list of possible options for paying my
way through college. *snerk*

10:56 AM 2/21/2007
Turbo is ticked because "those idiots" didn't wire "it" right. This has something to
do with the fact that he's working on getting the phone installed back here. I have
done my part and scrubbed the phone down with the serious cleaning spray that we
have. Can't have an unsanitary telephone, you know.

11:10 AM 2/21/2007
Ha, I got a response back from customer service at the insurance company that is not
mine about their grammar flub in the mass mailing.

12:49 PM 2/21/2007
Phone seems to be working. Have informed Pink Shirt Guy, Management, hcolleen, Darkside, and his parents. There are very few other people who
would have need to call me at work, and my old work number is still working, if not
100% current. (It calls Field, and I'm in a little office off of Field.)

1:53 PM 2/21/2007
The managers are having a little manager meeting in the corner of the training room.
I am being quiet over here with my headphones on. Hooray for my headphones. I am
hacking the database to make it spit out the things that Management wants. That
makes me happy. This one is a long query, a half-hour query most times.

That means it's lunch time, I think. I see every reason why this query should work,
and when it does, I'll be able to tell Management that she gets the performance
compared to the average as well as compared to the ideal, and she will be v. happy
and say that I deserve a pat on the head. And then she will ask me to do more scary
things with the database.

Definitely lunch time.

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