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Azure Jane Lunatic

George does not work here.

2:43 PM 2/21/2007
Loony is havening headache. Query trying to run. Loony trying to let query run.

2:45 PM 2/21/2007
ohfuck. Snarky Lady says she's having an issue that might make her quit before the
week's out.

2:52 PM 2/21/2007
Well, that sounds a little better. Snarky Lady was being snarky with one of the
newer supervisor-types (Trendy Chick 2), and that led to drama, but Trendy Chick 2's
issue is with her team, not with Snarky Lady. Snarky Lady is fine so long as it's
not with her. She's not fine with the way Obso1337 Manager is managing his team and
fomenting drama with them.

3:14 PM 2/21/2007
Hooray, my query has finished. I have shipped the results off to Management.
Management will be happy.

My 3-year anniversary here is on Saturday. It seems longer than that, some of the

4:05 PM 2/21/2007
*twitch* *twitch* *twitch* Waiting for query to run again. (It ran the first time;
that was the test. This is the real deal, appending it to the table to which it
goes. Meanwhile, I hone the briefing for $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB.

4:22 PM 2/21/2007
W00t, query has run. Happy!!

4:48 PM 2/21/2007
Supervisor-boys (Homie G, Homie G. Jr., and Snapping Gum Super) are dorks. I say
this because they have barged into the training room to joke about leaving their
numbers for the class of trainees, because there are cute girls in the class. No
favoritism here, of course not. *eyeroll* Dorks.

A time-honored tradition.

I have a poem/rant brewing in the back of my head about some stuff. We'll see how it
comes out tonight.

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